Though very reclusive (don't look for him to even allow a picture to be put up here anytime soon), for the past few decades Rod has managed to earn a comfortable living as a free-lance writer. While he hasn't gotten rich, he does live in a nice house with a gourmet kitchen on his own private lake, fifteen minutes from the beach and ten minutes from his grandkids. He was able to afford to put braces on his girls' teeth, keep them in designer jeans and send them both to out of state colleges without going up to his eyeballs in debt. With "Mr. Mom" toiling away in the spare bedroom, his girls never came home from school to an empty house and he never missed a sporting event or recital because he couldn't get away from work. His credits include:

  • Five Published Novels prior to The Fourth Awakening
  • Two Screenplays Optioned
  • Over 400 articles and features in Local, National and International publications
  • Instructor in the Writer's Digest Novel Critique Service
  • Instructor in the Writer's Digest Novel Writing Workshop
  • Instructor in the Writer's Digest Advanced Novel Writing Workshop

The brave among you can find him on Facebook, and maybe even get to see a picture of him!