The Fourth Awakening


Your Life Will Change Forever

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A group of top scientists, lead by a legendary Nobel Prize winning physicist, has made a discovery so startling and with such deep religious implications that it sends shockwaves through the corridors of power around the world.As the federal government moves to suppress the research, all of those involved vanish without a trace.


A mysterious call from the editor of The Washington Post starts Penelope Drayton Spence off in search of the missing scientists.After she crosses paths with enigmatic industrialist Michael Walker, Penelope becomes a fugitive in a wild, hold on tight to the edge of your seat race to expose the truth about the Hermes Project before the government can cover it up.


While a work of fiction, The Fourth Awakening is grounded in cutting edge science and an emerging spiritual reality. It offers readers a glimpse of our shared future.



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Praise for The Fourth Awakening from people just like you...


I was riveted from the first page and knew right there I wasn’t going to get much else done until I read the entire book; and, frankly, that’s really odd for me because, while I’m avid reader, I’m always reading several books at the same time and they’re always “practical, how-to” non-fiction type works that I almost never read cover-to-cover.

The Fourth Awakening was a totally different experience for me because I was so caught up in the story that it wasn’t until I was a couple chapters in that I realized the authors were actually sneaking in some vital spiritual lessons at the same time.  Not to get too esoteric, but as I continued to read, I found a sense of calm and connectedness wash over me where I realized it was time to return home to my true passion: inner exploration of universal Source.

So, if you’re looking for TRUE inspiration (not warm bath motivation which quickly fades) that feels like a hug from God, stop whatever you’re doing, buy this book, clear your decks for the next 12 hours, read the first 5 pages and prepare to embark on the most enjoyable journey you’ve ever taken. It can change your life. To YOUR joy!

– Joshua Shafran, Cape Coral, Florida

WOW!! What a page turner! I received the manuscript for The Fourth Awakening via email late in the evening. I printed the first fifty pages, figuring that was all I could read before I fell asleep.  But the 50th page ended with them in the car and Walker saying “We really have to go.” and Spence asking “Why?”

I tossed and turned for 20 minutes making up all sorts of scenarios of why they needed to go right now. Then I decided to heck with it and got up and to read the rest.  I was glued to the screen until I finished the very last word at 9AM. You CANNOT release this book to an unsuspecting public without two things:

A)  A warning sign such as: CAUTION, once opened, this book cannot be closed until the last word is read. Reading this book will bring about great change in your life, whether you are ready or not.


B)  A list of resources where people can get help to get back on track when knocked off by what they read, because there’s no way not to be affected by this information!

For the past several years, I have had moments of intense clarity when the fog cleared away and I could see clearly, then the fog moved back in.  I continue to search for ways to have that clarity for longer periods of time. Are you teaching the methods that Michael Walker would use to have that level of awareness? I want in!

– Sybil Temple, Louisville, Kentucky

A very unusual concept... thought provoking and a fantastic read from beginning to end. I seriously could not put it down. Usually books bog down somewhere but this one never did.  I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it. My mother-in-law started to read my copy before she could get her own, and I was chomping at the bit to get it back.  Thank goodness she reads fast. I can’t wait for the sequel!

– Sylvia McCarthy, Charleston, South Carolina

What a great read!  The story kept my attention and was entertaining.  It had a great pace, and enough twists and turns that it kept me wanting to read more to find out what happened next. The most remarkable thing about this book is that it has the potential to reach a wide audience.  As a general reader but also someone who strongly believes in the power of thought, I couldn’t believe how well it hit the mark in both cases and always left me wanting more.

I kept thinking of The Da Vinci Code.  Dan Brown’s brilliance is in his ability to use history not only to support a very controversial theory, but to make many readers wholeheartedly believe in its truth.  This book does the same.  It uses historical references to illuminate changes in human development that are not a result of independent thoughts or actions, but of a collective consciousness.  The way the authors explain this history doesn’t leave me questioning if “enlightenment” is a possibility.  It leaves me questioning how anyone could deny that humans and the world developed in this very way.

Many congrats to the authors who have accomplished all of this with such craft.  It is an important message to be shared, and moreover, a brilliant idea to write a fiction book about a very real concept everyone wants to share.  I look at so many “self-improvement” books, and shut down.  This has the ability to speak to so many different readers and change so many lives, including mine, that I am truly impressed.

– Anne Owens, Nashua, New Hampshire

Loved the book.  Really, really loved it. The cat and mouse game of it was superb in execution.  And this comes from an avid reader of Ludlum, Follet, Uris, Grisham and Archer.  For the uninitiated into the weightiness of the subject matter, it was perfect.  And what a great read to initiate them.
– Deb Meyer, Oelwein, Iowa