---The Short Version---

     In late 2007, Jeffery was discussing his latest research on positive psychology, synchronicity/LoA/power of thought, and states of higher consciousness with his close friend and noted author Rod Pennington.



     As the conversation turned to some of the thousands of scientific and academic studies he had reviewed in these areas, Jeffery told Rod about his frustration with the lack of accurate information being available to the public on these topics and the tragic consequences he believed the misinformation they were receiving was producing in their lives.



     He suggested to Rod that a fiction book may be the best way to reach the widest number of people. This book, the first in a series, is the result of that conversation. It will change your life.



---The Longer Version---

     In 2006 Jeffery entered a PhD program to learn a cutting edge and very difficult form of research known as transdisciplinary scholarship, the goal of which is to successfully combine knowledge from different fields and types of research.  To enter the program he had to select a difficult problem to work on that would span many different academic disciplines.  He chose mind/matter interaction and examined the scholarship on it across physics, engineering, biology, neuroscience, chemistry, religion and spirituality, alternative and traditional medicine, history, psychology, and other fields.


     Through this research he noticed that there was a developmental continuum, the end point of which seemed to be non-symbolic consciousness.  Over the years, he has been able to guide people to greater levels of synchronicity by using the model he developed to determine where they are at, and which tools they should and should not use.


     In late 2007, Jeffery was discussing his research with his longtime friend and business partner, Rod Pennington.  Rod had put his daughters through school as a successful novelist and screenwriter.  Jeffery suggested that they write a fiction book that detailed his research into mind/matter interaction. 


     Jeffery believed that many people were being led to disastrous consequences in their lives by attempting to use the wrong techniques, and that it was very important for each person to first determine where they were at on his continuum and then use only appropriate techniques for their developmental level. 


     After experiencing enormous personal breakthroughs based on Jeffery's research, Rod agreed to dust off his former career and collaborate on a book. At the time, Jeffery was just beginning his in-depth research into non-symbolic consciousness.  As the next year passed, the book followed Jeffery's research interests and increasingly incorporated the evolution of humanity towards non-symbolic consciousness.